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Sperm freezing technology for azoospermia or cryptoazoospermia patients
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Giving Biological Fatherhood a Chance

The SpermVD™ is a simple, reliable and efficient means for cryopreservation of spermatozoa (single sperm cell to thousands). It is specifically designed for cases of Azoospermia, Crypto Azoospermia, Oligo Azoospermia and urgent male fertility preservation.

The SpermVD facilitates the embryologist’s work, while giving patients their much desired chance of fatherhood.

Freezing Spermatozoa

For patients with extremely low numbers of spermatozoa either in their ejaculate or in a testicular biopsy, the ability to efficiently store these precious cells is priceless.

Freezing individual spermatozoa allows the creation of a reliable backup for future use, potentially making the difference between fertility and sterility.

spermatozoa freezing
sperm vd

Sperm VD

The SpermVD provides a breakthrough in male fertility preservation, with the best survival and motility preservation of the spermatozoa.

The SpermVD, is an innovative, efficient medical device for cryopreservation of small numbers of spermatozoa. It allows quick and convenient vitrification of spermatozoa, from a single sperm cell to thousands.

The thawing process is equally simple, enabling quick retrieval of the sperm, which may be used immediately for ICSI

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